As professional Trekking Guides, we excel at helping you to have the best horse riding experience. Not just an experience, but truly an exceptional trip filled with inspiring and enriching moments. We believe in seeing the world from horseback in the most unique way possible, and we want to share our knowledge and passion for horses, New Zealand, travels and tourism with all who ride with us.



Flore is back for her seventh season at Ben Lomond Horse Treks and, despite her sailing adventures around the world to avoid NZ winters, we are glad to have her "home".
Flore is responsible for much of the training of our horses, and having been with pretty much all of them from the start she knows their individual personalities inside and out. Outside of the many hours spent behind the scenes to help the yard run so smoothly, Flore can usually be found with her horse Texas, sharing a passion for speed. Flore is always available to welcome customers in both English and French.



Our amazing Boys!


ben lomond team.jpg

Each year we are lucky enough to be joined by a team of awesome seasonal staff from all over the globe.

They come with a wealth of experience from different areas of the horse world and all have unique and interesting stories to share with their customers whilst out trekking.

We accept applications for seasonal staff year round so if you have at least 5 years of riding experience and are keen to join a fun and diverse team, then send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.