What information do you need from me when I make a booking?

  • The height & weight of each rider, and also their riding experience (eg how many times they have ridden 0-100x) as this helps us pick the most suitable horses.  

  • If you require our complementary pick up from outside "The Station" information building (corner of Camp & Shotover Street).  Or if you will drive yourselves to Moke Lake.  

  • Let us know which trek you would like to take & which time you prefer.  

  • Also tell us of any special requirements eg a walker for young child, a private trek etc

If I am driving myself to Moke Lake, how do I get there from Queenstown?

You can enter Moke Lake Road into your GPS. Drive towards Glenorchy for about 5km, then turn right onto the Moke Lake Road. The first part of the drive goes up hill. The tarmac will end, cross over the cattle stop where the road will soon become gravel/durt and follow this road the entire way until the Campsite/picnic area. You will be crossing a farm called CloseBurn STation and finally enter the Ben Lomond Station. Drive in the campsite/picnic area, follow the fence on your right and you can park your vehicle along the fence. Step over it and come to say hi to your horse!

Check our map on the Contact and Location page

Does there need to be a minimum number?

No.  We are happy to go out on a trek with individual clients as well as groups. 

What should I wear on my feet?

Because we use a special safety stirrup designed for Endurance Horse Racing you can use most footwear including riding boots, sneakers, gym type shoes, walking shoes, or light hiking boots. But you must wear footwear with covered toes.  No "flip-flops", jandals, crocs, etc. 

Do you trek in the rain?

No we do not trek on days that are raining hard or constantly.  Due to being up in the mountains our weather can get very cold and windy when it rains, this is not pleasant, and we do not want any riders, guides or horses to get colds or sick.  However we will trek on days that are mainly fine with occasional showers.  On these days we will recommend you to wear appropriate clothing and can also supply you an additional jacket.

What happens if I book a trek & then it is raining on that day?

Please supply us with a contact for you when you book, either a cell phone number or where you are staying & your room number, this way we can talk to you regarding your trek and the weather.  Usually we will try to bump your trek to a time earlier or later when we know the weather will be better.  Sometimes this will involve changing your trek to the following day.  If you haven't given us a contact and you are unsure about the weather please phone us about 1 hour before your trek time to check.  Phone  0800236566

If I have already paid for my trek, but it rains and I can not come at a different time will I get a refund?

Yes.  If you have already paid for your trek and we cancel it because of the weather, or if we change your trek to a different time, but you can not make the new trek time, then we will happily give a full refund.  

Staff will weigh all riders before the ride, if your weight exceeds our limit on the day you will not be able to attempt the ride and no refund will be given.

For all treks cancelled within 24h no refund will be given.

For all the treks cancelled with more than 24h notice a full refund will be given.

For all the treks cancelled on our behalf due to enforceable events a full refund will be given.