At Ben Lomond Horse Treks we have found a way to combine our love of horses and the impressive local landscape.  

Making sure the horses are in great shape, is our everyday business.  And we take great care in looking after them and everyone that comes for a ride.  

With an enthusiastic supportive team ensuring everything is ready for you to jump on and have the ride of a lifetime.

The Ben Lomond Horse Trekking has been operating since 2006.

Our rides will bring you through the low valley or up in the high country mountains of the famous Ben Lomond Station, a 33.000 acres farm where you will be able to spot Merinos sheep, Angus and Hereford cows, a lot of ducks, a few wild goats and if you are lucky wild deer.

Our Saddles

Each horse has been individually fitted with his saddle.  We mainly use Freeform Treeless Western or Freeform Endurance Style saddles, which we imported especially from Italy for our horses.  These saddles are extremely comfortable for the horse, and also very soft and comfortable for the riders!  The horns on the front of the Western Saddles provide extra security for beginner riders.  We also have English saddles available.  

Our Stirrups

All our saddles are fitted with a special safety stirrup.   EZ-Ride Stirrups can be safely used with shoes such as gym type shoes, sneakers, walking shoes or light hiking boots.  We do not require riders to wear special riding shoes or boots, but please do not wear shoes with open toes (eg flip-flops, jandals, sandals or crocs).